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Nolax - Turning Point

Release Notes:

Phototropic Records kicks off the summer with a brand new album by melodic virtuoso Nolax!
Hailing from Austria, Christoph Mitsch started to build a solid reputation in the newschool Goa-scene after his well-received debut album "Persistence" in 2007. Three years have passed since then and finally time has come to expose fresh food for both brain and soul in a second episode of Nolax adventures. Turning Point will take you on a journey through sun-drenched soundscapes and rhythmically organized fairytales, swifting back and forth through spaced-out atmospheres, melancholic interludes and hypnotizing patterns. Whatever track you prefer to fire up, epicures of cosmic and emotional melodies are guaranteed to find their satisfaction right here.

Release Info:

Genre: Goa-Trance
Tracks: 8
Playtime: 78:48 min
Catalog#: PHTRCD14
URL: www.phototropicrecords.com
email: info@phototropicrecords.com
Release Date: 24.Jun.2010


01 - Out in the garden (10:47)
02 - Linear Vortex Scaling (10:17)
03 - The chromium fence (10:19)
04 - Lonely Sunday (8:33)
05 - Soul Sucker (10:41)
06 - The crack in space (9:36)
07 - Project Earth (9:24)
08 - Spectral Diversion (8:11)

Mastered by Digitoxin
Cover art by Fredman

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