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Pandemonium! - Muinomednap!

Release Notes:

Pandemonium! is an innovative project of Filipe Santos (aka Amithaba Buddha) with influences that come from Ethnic music, Goa, Nitzhonot and Fullon styles, a Goa-Trance project that brings some fresh air to the nowadays Psytrance music.

Pandemonium! is a world of fantasy where anything and everything can happen, and it is brought to you in a storytelling mode where all the elements are combined to bring you a funny way of things with a tiny bit of evilness... in a good way of course.

Muinomednap! is the 1st chapter of Pandemonium!'s adventure with the promise of flipping your mind upside down and backwards.

Release Info:

Genre: Oldschool Goa-Trance
Tracks: 11
Playtime: 66:24 min
Catalog#: PHTRCD05
URL: www.phototropicrecords.com
email: info@phototropicrecords.com
Release Date: 21.Jul.2008


01 - Once upon a Time... (1:10)
02 - Pandemonium! (7:34)
03 - Stuck in the Walls (7:05)
04 - Moon Fishing (6:45)
05 - Falling Stars (7:09)
06 - I Saw it interlude (2:22)
07 - Flying Cookie (7:39)
08 - Seq-uoia (7:29)
09 - Key to the Trunk (6:55)
10 - An Harlequin's Tale (6:51)
11 - The End... (3:25)

Coverart by Fantine Huot aka Yaone Chan
Additional Coverart by Vajra @ Buddha Mantra
Mastered by Digitoxin @ Phototropic Records

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